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Day 21 by Kimmy-x3
Day 21
Inktober/Goretober #21 Manslaughter/Serial Killer

i wanna cry i know im late but whatever im doing THIS inktober and goretober combo w/e 

Lap lap lapras by Kimmy-x3
Lap lap lapras
I tried to make bubbles and it failed :iconlazycryplz: 

collab with :iconkuhli: 
i jsut did the colors 
Team Donion Kings 2.0 by Kimmy-x3
Team Donion Kings 2.0
I WANNA RAGE VOM SO BAD WEEPS :iconlazybloodplz:

Team Name: Team Donion Kings

Faction: Exploration

Current Rank: Noble 
Dorm: Clear Waters, Room 404. Good luck ever actually catching them though. 

Name: Zak 
Gender: Male

Species: Zigzagoon

Ability: Quick Feet 
- Thunder
- Surf 
- Rain Dance
- Odor Sleuth

Description: Zak is a little bit taller than most zigzagoons. He’s been pretty lucky and stands a little over 1’7” feet. Because of the added height as well as muscle it stands to reason that Zak is also a bit heavier than average as well. He’s around 45 lbs but he insists it’s mainly muscle and fur. Not fat and fur. He’s a scruffy little guy that’s busy running around and dealing with things on his mind to care too much about what’s stuck in his fur or if one side is really flat while the other is incredibly spiky. Usually most Pokémon will see a cream colored blur and maybe catch a glimpse of a dark brown bandanna that he always keeps tied around his neck.

In gijinka form, Zak is still rather tall standing at a solid 5’11” and weight about 145 lbs. He’s still lean with only a bit of muscle tone to show. Still rocking the shaggy look, Zak is always seen with his hair up in a small ponytail. His beloved Moltres feather still adorning the back of his head. Bright green eyes are always narrowed to accent his perpetual scowl. Zak still dresses for comfort though most of the time his bottoms always seem to have the right leg ripped off. His pants are held up by a belt with a simply buckle, and also have his trusty miscellaneous bombs attached to them. Tattoos of the Slaking tribe adorn his left arm and leg and even his face. A brooch resembling the symbol on his face hangs near his neck decorating the cape that now warms his shoulders. Around his neck is still the same bandanna he started his soloer career with. Zak is always barefoot nowadays since he feels awkward putting a shoe on a steel foot. Recently, Zak has acquired a steel prosthetic leg with two compartments to store snacks or a small towel. It’s light enough for him to run around in but durable enough for adventuring. He is very protective on his leg, and does his utmost best to keep is shined and in perfect condition. His old arm guard have been replaced with dark grey new ones that match his midriff bearing top. Like the old ones they have a bit of fur on the bottom of the forearm. 


    :bulletgreen: Serious – Zak always seems like he’s in a terrible mood, which is usually true, but the times that he isn’t irritated with someone he’s usually thinking about missions or expenses. A bit on the negative and gloomy side.

    :bulletgreen: Clever – He’s an intelligent guy. You need to be resourceful when you’re a small as he is sometimes. Zak’s pretty quick on his feet, and is quick to pick up on certain things. Likes learning about ranged fighting styles the most.

    :bulletgreen: Cocksure – Zak is so confident in himself and his abilities, he really could care less over what others may think about it. In the end he’s on top thanks to his hard work and perseverance and everybody else is just an incompetent, shit for brains.

    :bulletgreen: Loyal – You may not even know it, but Zak may be loyal to you. It’s hard to tell when he’s all snarls and even the occasional bite, but Zak does tend to remember people who back him up. Despite his grumpy demeanor and constant sarcasm, Zak is quick to jump at the defense of people he considers important friends allies.

    :bulletgreen: Temperamental – Moodier than a preteen finally going through a growth spurt. Zak tends to snap quickly from irritated to joking in a matter of nanoseconds. There’s various things that could trigger this but it all boils down to one thing. To him, everyone is an incompetent shit for brains.

    :bulletgreen: Dogmatic – Because of Zak’s inner belief that everyone is an incompetent shit for brains, he ends up doing tasks himself. Because of this he is incapable of teaching others how to do something correctly or developing trust in other people’s skills. Everyone falls into this category even the Nobles, at some point or another.
    :bulletgreen: Jaded – Always 100% donion kings with your shit. Takes a lot to get him excited about something. Often times if he is feeling energetic he'll makejokes at others expenses. Usually this ends in him and Otto bickering for a bit. 
    :bulletgreen: Aggresive – Zak isn't always the most patient of pokemon and he isn't one to shy away from asserting himself with his harsh words or even fists. If he is pushed to it, he will punch smeone in the throat to silence them. Although it isn't always clear if he'll stick aroudn for the fight that ensues or walk away. 


Combat: Zak’s weapon of choice is an extendable staff. He’ll change the length depending on what the situation calls for. If he can help it, Zak will keep the distance between himself and his opponents. His staff provides a good way to deflect attacks and help him over obstacles. Besides the use of his staff, Beyoncé, Zak tends to stock up on a few explosives that usually have an array of functions. Whether is knock out gas in case he encounters a monster house, or colored smoke to signal a pick up, he little stock of smart bombs are what has kept him alive during his career as a soloer. Usually it’s up to three per dungeon. If it’s a really big mission he’ll consider taking more. He tries to limits the explosions mainly because they are on his person and he would be really upset if they went off by some mishap. He considers explosives to be small, and fun surprises. Usually if he really needs to, Zak will use his Charm by glaring maliciously at his opponents. 

Backstory: Zak had a bit of a rough childhood. As a pup, he always felt anxious about his life. It was too normal, too simple for him to handle. He was part of a very loving family, and even had his own little brother to keep him company but that simply wasn’t enough for the zigzagoon.  Zak figured out he would never be content with growing berries and selling them to explorer teams. He wanted to become something better. To do something that would make him proud of himself and being who he was. After all, zigzagoons weren’t a very glamorous species. He’d never heard of a famous rescuer zigzagoon or a powerful linoone that had powered through the mystery dungeons. There was nothing that his species could really be proud of like the growlithes or duskulls.

When he was a young teenager, Zak set off to become an explorer. At first he could barely make it through small dungeons. To be truthful, they terrified him. Despite having heard stories of the changes pokemon went through once entering the dungeons but experiencing it was quite a different story. The first few times he’ entered the strange mystery dungeons, he had been allowed to tag along to more experienced teams. The majority of his rookie experience was with a very friendly rescue team called Team Petite Sunshiners. They had been roaming around doing small missions for pokemon for a few months by the time Zak rolled along. The team consisted of the leader, Oriel the Growlithe, and his kind partner Shelly the Paras. They took him in after finding him wandering around, dodging monsters and collecting items to sell for petty cash. It was a rough start, the zigzagoon being a bit of a brat but he got used to going along with whatever Oriel planned for them in the morning and Shelly telling him about previous funny missions. Despite his ineptitude, and lack of power they never really blamed him for sucking royally at killing monsters. Instead they taught him the ins and outs of exploring and helped him grow. In the short time he spent he helped rank up his beloved team.

Eventually the he parted ways with Team Petite Sunshiners to become an exploration team. Well, more of an exploration soloer. He could never really find a partner that could keep up with him, or his rotten attitude. Once he got a bit of experience under his belt, Zak decided to go exploring Mt. Blaze. This had been one of his riskier missions, and for good measure. One the zigzagoon hit the summit, he spotted something shiny in the distance and quickly raced over to pick it up before he left after completing his exploration. However, before he could reach the mystery item, none other than Moltres attacked him. He as sorely defeated, and after that it seemed that every time he tried to sneak back to the summit to retrieve that precious item, Moltres was there to stop him. He had many close calls but Zak persistently challenged the legendary bird until finally one day, he defeated it. For managing to defeat Moltres without assistance, he was bestowed one of Moltres’ own feathers as proof of his success on Mt. Blaze. After that Zak was shot into prominence.

Many years later, Zak set off to stop a cannibal pirate's reign of terror on Blue Town. However, in his attempt to liberate everyone from the horror of the Walrein Captain, Zak's right leg was ripped off. He has ever since been attempting to recover the heavy loss becoming more and more aggressive and hostile in response to sympathetic glances. Recently however, he has managed to get himself a new prosthetic leg. Soon after this, while he and Otto were out exploring they encountered a Tyrantrum who challenged the mto a duel. Zak took on the challenge though barely managed to be victorious. After this the Tyratrum joined the team and was promptly nicknamed 'Nameless'. It's taking him a bit to get ued to his newest team mate, already having had some trouble with Otto. 

Other Information: 

    :bulletgreen: Starmiebucks’ #1 customer. His favorite drink is a frozen, white chocolate mocha. For when he’s feeling simple.

    :bulletgreen: Not a morning person

    :bulletgreen: Favorite clothing style is oversized sweaters, sneakers, and leggings.

    :bulletgreen: Is considering more tattoos 
     :bulletgreen: Birthday: October 14th 

Name: Otto 
Gender: Male

Species: Sableye

Ability: Prankster

Moveset: Zen Headbutt, Shadow Ball, Feint, Metal Burst

Description: As a Pokémon Otto is a giddier, less somber little Sableye. He happily reminds Zak that they are the same height which is 1’7” feet. Though maybe because the ghost type is dead and, well, a ghost he weighs significantly less. 25 lbs actually. Otto is very aware of his appearance and that to some, if not everyone, he’s a bit creepy looking. Because of this although Otto smiles and is pleasant with everyone he tries to not grin or open his mouth too much to spare his company from the sight of his sharp teeth. One of the reasons he attached himself to Zak so quickly was because the normal type is unfazed by Otto’s antics. To make sure everyone knows he’s in a team with Zak, Otto adopted the habit of wearing a bandana the same way as his partner. Although is just a darker colored purple instead of brown.

In his gijinka form, Otto stands at the same height as Zak at 5’11”. Being a ghost though he’s lighter than usual weighing about 115 lbs. being dead it’s natural that his human form is paler than those that are alive. His skin is a ghostly light purple and his combed back hair is a dark purple. Although he does his best to slick his hair back, he always has a pair of pesky strands that pop out from his forehead. He’s gotten himself some new goggles which always sit at the top of his head ready to be used. Otto’s outfit although possibly more high looking than the last still prioritizes space. His long coat has deep pockets that he fills with miscellaneous objects Zak finds on their travels. He’s changed the old lime green tank top for a purple dress shirt. His team bandana Is still tied to his neck. Otto now wears dark blue jeans and the same old red sneakers. His hands are both adorned with a couple few rings he’s picked up. 


     :bulletpurple: Charming – Otto usually takes care of team diplomacy. He’s the one that deals with clients and keeps everyone on good terms. He’s smooth talker and just really pleasant to talk to.

    :bulletpurple: Deceptive – Old habits die hard. Otto tends to lie often and put on appearances for others. He believes that if he can charm someone to be on good terms with him, he can manipulate them for his own needs. Most of his connections are completely superficial. Though it’s hard to tell whose just there to serve a purpose or because he genuinely enjoys their company. 

    :bulletpurple: Greedy – He’s so greedy he’ll go hungry because he refuses to eat or sell his gems. He just wants to keep his stones to himself to stare at and polish. There have been moments when greed has gotten the better of him and it ended with him or Zak or both, injured and running for their lives back to Blue Town.

    :bulletpurple: Clingy – It’s not that he is easily attached to people, it’s just certain people. Otto spent a long time on his own, deprived of social connections and as a result he just really likes being around his friends. They keep him anchored.

    :bulletpurple: Unhinged – Just a touch really! No one has ever really seen him in one of his moods, except Zak of course. That’s the only reason he makes a decent fights. It’s hard to describe. It’s sudden wave of bloodlust and hatred washing over him. Probably negative emotions from his untimely death, intensified. Otto is vaguely aware of this but he doesn’t care. He’s dead. Who cares? Not him. Certainly not Zak, and that’s a that really matters.

    :bulletpurple: Serene – It takes quite a lot to get Otto pissed. Really pissed. He can argue and debate as long as he wants with someone but he won’t be angry, just exasperated. He doesn’t know why he just doesn’t really care too much I guess.

     :bulletpurple: Impulsive - Sometiems his urges get the best of him and he will act on it without a second thought. Not one to go into a fight with too much of a plan in mind, he leaves that up to Zak and Nameless. He can get a bit carried away and might need his team to reign him in if the situation gets out of hand. 

 :bulletpurple: Perceptive - A skill that only comes wiht age, Otto is skilled at reading others and can pick out when something is wrong. He's very watchful of those he keeps in his company and is always the one who will ask if something is wrong. To his team, however, he just sounds like he's being patronizing. 

Combat: Usually doesn’t like fighting, he leaves that up to Zak to deal with while he’s finding gems to take back and make huge cash money wads. But when he does, he’ll turn around on an enemy and crush them, literally, with his pickaxe, Ke$ha. His style ranges from using it like a baseball bat to maiming adversaries with the pointy bit. Anything goes really. Has a habit of hook his weapon around an opponent’s neck and dragging them in close. Unfortunately, he tends to do this to Zak a lot, though never with intentions of gutting him. Otto is quick to default to his moves, wanting to end the conflict quickly. He uses Metal Burst a counters mainly.

Backstory: Otto isn’t his real name for starters. There isn’t much to know about his past. Otto wasn’t always a ghost, or even an explorer. In fact, Otto used to be a leader to a rather infamous gang that would steal anything with a big price tag. They were a tight knit group, fearless, and untouchable. They thought so anyway. Otto’s death was from an unfortunate accident while attempting a rather important heist. Details, details, details and he died. With it, so did his gang. He was never sure if they all died or some died and some didn’t. He has no clue where’d they go and has come to terms with losing his closest friends.

He only remember vague details about himself. Every so often something will help a distant memory resurface but he does his best to shrug it off and not get melancholic. It turns out old habits die hard. Otto picked a new identity for himself and set back to work, making profit in dungeons where he would attack and steal from explorers and rescuers alike. Being a ghost really has its pros. However, as much as he stole, he never really could sell any of it. Especially if it was a precious gemstone. He found himself too attached to those in his new form. So he would just hoard his treasure as he built up the nerve to sell it all. Call it divine punishment or irony, he doesn’t really care.

His thieving led him to Zak one day. As the zigzagoon made his way through the dungeon he never expected to meet a dead, notorious thief. Otto never got the chance to attack and steal. Zak, upon laying eyes on the Sableye, sighed a huge sigh of relief and pulled out items from his pockets. It wasn’t much, just an assortment of snacks and semi-precious items he’d found on his way through. He handed all the ‘junk’ without so much as a fuss to Otto. Suspicious, the ghost type inquired as to why and was delighted to hear that Zak just happened to pick up things from time to time that he really didn’t need. Something about suspected kleptomania or something. After that Otto has been attached to Zak, and forcefully became his partner. Mainly for the loot seeing as Zak never really needed it unless they were low on cash. It’s only been a few months their first meeting and Zak is still struggling to adjust to being in a team. Otto has easily made himself at home with the normal type though.

Over the course of his partnership Otto at one point left the team to play around as a crew members on Captain Waldo's ship, a move that almost ended his and Zak's freindship. After finding his partner badly injured he did his best to help him get back on his feet and tried to nutrutre his frinedhsip again, as well as aid Gamma's whoserelationship with Zak suffered after his heavy loss. Over time he has watched Zak regain his strength and his happiness. Otto is extremely exited to welcome their new team member, Nameless. He is rather curious of her origins and finds her personality quite charming and funny. 

Other Information: 

    :bulletpurple: Otto is the perfect wingman when he wants to be

    :bulletpurple: Trying to get Zak to cut down on the caffeine

    :bulletpurple: Favorite food is chiffon cake

    :bulletpurple: Otto is Speed Racer

    :bulletpurple: Birthday is September 10th

Name: Nameless 
Gender: Female
Species: Tyrantrum
Ability: Rock Head 
- Head Smash
- Fire Fang
- Poison Fang 
- Dragon Tail
Description: Nameless, like all the other of her species, stands at a looming height of 8 ft and weighs around 585 lbs. She is only slightly so underneath the average height and weight, but that doesn’t keep from being proud of her dragon lineage. Despite her size, she does her best to interact with her partners who can often be found clinging to the top of her head and trying to communicate with the massive pokemon. Like Otto, she has also adopted the team uniform in her own way. Otto has taken the liberty of tying a colorful blanket to Nameless’ tail, much to her delight.

In gijinka form, Nameless is actually shorter than the rest of her team standing at a mere 5’8” ft. Nameless is also heavier than she looks weighing around 150 lbs. She stands tall and is never one to slouch. The dual type will always try to keep up a dignified appearance. The young woman has long brown hair which she always has in ponytail. Her orange eyes are always expressive and easy for an observant pokemon to read. Her skin is fair, evidence of her easy life. The Lady is only ever seen wearing her short dress that is accented by the metal plates on her hips and the belts that hold them in place. On her left wrist is the bandana she was given by her team which, like Otto, signifies she is a part of Team Donion Kings. 

:bulletred: Proud - Proud of her lineage and her roots, she always carries herself in a dignified and respectable manner. Sometimes can come off as arrogant and conceited for her opinion on dragon types being far superior in skill and power. 

    :bulletred: Risk taker -  Go hard or go home. She isn't afraid of failure or negative consequences as she believes she has the ability to overcome any obstacle that comes her way. 

    :bulletred: Hard working - As far as she has come in her life when it comes to her strength and intelligence, she isn't conceited enough to believe she is perfect. She is always pursuing self development and always striving to better herself and others around her. Rarely will she ever take a day off, and is a bit of a workaholic. 

    :bulletred: Neat - Primp and proper requires cleanliness and organization. At all times. While she does not shrink away from dirt and grime required during hard work, she will do her best to stay clean and looking her best. 

    :bulletred: Competitive - She is always on the search for strong opponents, eager to test herself against them. 

    :bulletred: Bullheaded - My way or the highway. Once she's set on something she absolutely knows is right she will not budge. It can take a lot to persuade her or to even get her to speak. Compromise is difficult once she's decided something for herself. Although she can be diplomatic at times and assure another that she will 'consider' she most definitely is not considering. 

    :bulletred: Cocksure - The lady is confident in her abilities and rather opinionated about them. Although her abilities do speak for themselves, sometimes her overconfidence can lead her to take on more than she can handle. 

    :bulletred: Serious - Most of the time, she tends to take things literally. Every matter is to be dealt with seriously as it could probably be life and death. A bit of a downer at times, but usually realistic. She is the one who is the calmest in dire situations and is there to help her team snap out of their panic. 

Combat: Nameless will often times spar using her greaves to block as well as using an opponents momentum against them by grappling and throwing others. Since joining the team, Nameless has refrained from using her weapon of choice on anything except monsters. She fights on missions with a halberd that resembles her tail in pokemon form. She uses it to land a quick final blow either through stabbing or decapitation after knocking her opponents off balance.


Lady Katerina hails from a  foreign continent far away from the Palace Continent. She was born into a dragon family that had control of a country in the north.  Her family was ancient and powerful in their own right. Only through their hard work and resilience were her ancestors ever able to come upon control over such a large stretch of land. A family of warriors, all majestic dragons in their own right. She was born the youngest daughter of three of the current family leader. Most of her childhood was spent around her older brothers, not really knowing any other children her age. Each child was groomed to be an impeccably charismatic monarch.

Although their family often dealt with other powerful individuals not all focus was put on books and diplomacy. The Dalgaard family also focused on developing strong warrior capable of defending themselves on the battlefield. The presence of fairies nearby always kept the nobility on their toes. Extra care was placed in helping each child develop a strong desire to keep learning and improving. Both in hand to hand and weapons, each child was mentored in general fighting until they could decide for themselves what to specialize in. Lady Katerina chose to specialize fighting with a Halberd.

She was happy with her life growing up into a fine monarch fit for replacing the patriarch if needed. She made friends with other, growing into someone who could socialize with ease, albeit showing signs of over competitiveness. However, talks began discussing her betrothal in hope of obtaining rights to live in a warmer area, far better suited for her family’s needs. This did not go over well with the young woman especially after she met her suitor. Charming sure! But he did not share her love for competition or fighting. Meek and easily overwhelmed, she found him boring.

One day she just left, leaving behind a note for her parents. Taking only her weapon with her, she abandoned the nobility, and running away from her problems. Deciding to put as much distance between her and her family,  Katerina spent months traveling until she finally made it to the Palace Continent. During her travels on the land ruled by Miss Mew she encountered Team Donion Kings and well forced her way onto the team. She is eager to prove to her team mates that she is worthy of the Noble title. 

Other Information: 

:bulletred: Refers to Zak as 'Commander'

:bulletred: Joined the team because fuck you 

:bulletred: Favorite food is mint chocolate chip ice cream

:bulletred: SHE IS A KING SHHHHH 

:bulletred: Nicknamed Nameless by Otto and Zak because she only revealed her name if beaten in combat. 

:bulletred: Birthday is December 6th

36 mew cash 
2x Sticks
1x Apple
1x Violent Seed
1x House Orb
1x Pecha scarf 
1x Sneak scarf 

/ GUTTURAL SCREECHING :icondeathfaceplz: 

Doodle Trade 3 by Kimmy-x3
Doodle Trade 3
"Whatcha think about my new glasses? Don't you think they make me look smarter?"


More greaser au but this time ft. Moxie with one of Marty's lines from Grease. 

gomen i love this au i am trash :iconlazycryplz: 


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so i barely have any signal on my phone and i have to pay for some wifi.

so its gonna be rough for this week until i figure out what im doing. but yeah.

ait is great = u =

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