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Doodle Trade 3 by Kimmy-x3
Doodle Trade 3
"Whatcha think about my new glasses? Don't you think they make me look smarter?"


More greaser au but this time ft. Moxie with one of Marty's lines from Grease. 

gomen i love this au i am trash :iconlazycryplz: 
E302: Finish it by Kimmy-x3
E302: Finish it
Zak's a useless goober but at least he can cook. Enjoy eating that hot slop in like 90 degrees weather whoop whoop 

got to play with some markers at least <3 


The ghost didn’t really have a particular set of skills that could have been considered useful for the rebuilding of the Shanty. He wasn’t incredibly strong or knowledgeable in building homes. He couldn’t prepare meals like Zak could. It left him without an inherent role to play, but that didn’t stop others from assuring him that he had work to do. With hidden annoyance he would move around obeying orders that never seemed to stop. This didn’t sit well with the ghost. While he felt sympathy for the homeless Pokémon of Blu Down Th’ Lane it didn’t mean he was obligated to contribute hard labor to the cause. After a couple of hours, the Sableye managed to excuse himself long enough to wander over to his companion.

The Zigzagoon grinned at the ghost, picking up immediately on his exhaustion and irritation towards the whole ordeal. “What’s the matter, bud? Not having fun with your precious newbies and their half made home?” the normal type sneered, tail flicking every so often in amusement. Otto only smiled at his partner looking over the Zigzagoon’s set up. “Not as much as you are making their lunch and all.” He replied picking up a bowl and twirling the spoon around. “Don’t you think hot soup is an odd choice for a hot summer day?” the dual type asked tilting his head at his partner. This elicited a sharp growl from Zak who spat, “You’ll what you get or you’ll starve. Either way is fine by me.” Otto only snickered looking down at the broth, a small idea forming in his head. Yes that could work.

Otto set to work, moving to and fro picking out a rather tired looking Pokémon every so often before coercing them into eating. He chatted merrily with whoever he found, shoving a bowl of slop into their hands. “What good will you do if you fall out from fatigue?” he would ask shoving a bowl of hot brown colored slop into a stranger’s hand. His toothy grin never disappearing from his face. “R-Really I’m not-” a Pokémon would protest before being cut off. “Eat. And stay hydrated. We don’t need you passing out from the heat.” He added staring down the Pokémon, eager eyes waiting for the other to begin eating.

Then he would leave, making small talk with the people who would be living in the Shanty again. Conveniently, repeating this task over and over managed to help him avoid any incredibly difficult tasks such as moving wooden beams or bricks into place. Construction was hard work and Otto had already proven countless of times that he did his very best to go around hard work. It was an easy way to avoid work in the muggy heat. As the ghost floated back to his companion with an empty bowl his partner spoke. “You conniving son of a bitch.” Otto only feigned innocence, frowning at the normal type. “What are you grumbling about now?” he asked. Zak only scowled laying his head on his paws thinking for a moment. “Nothing. Just stating facts. Have you even eaten anything yet? Or have you been avoiding that too?” the Zigzagoon continued with a small sigh. Otto laughed patting his partner’s head before setting down the bowl. “I may have had a few sips here and there.” The ghost lied before looking into the bowl of stew Zak had set over the fire.

“Why look at that! Empty. Guess I’ll get rid of that for you.” He said grabbing the bowl and leaving before Zak could even utter a word. He let out a huff at Otto before laying back down. “Could’ve at least taken me too.” He muttered too lazy to bother moving away, 

Mmmd Doodles part 2 by Kimmy-x3
Mmmd Doodles part 2
:iconmmmdungeon: :iconmmmdungeon: :iconmmmdungeon: 

did some doodles a bunch of weeks back and now i finished them. imma go to sleep now eve sorry if i majorly messed up your ocs 

Team Scrambled Eggs - :iconctjamjelly: 
Princess Corny and her crew - :icont1t4ns:
Alex - :iconxxturian-loverxx: 


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Current Residence: THE TWILIGHT REALM
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MP3 player of choice: Purple nano with a CAMERA~! :'D
Favourite cartoon character: Toph
Personal Quote: A good friend tells you when you stink so that you may take a damn shower
so i barely have any signal on my phone and i have to pay for some wifi.

so its gonna be rough for this week until i figure out what im doing. but yeah.

ait is great = u =

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