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The eerie swamp lay before the pair, dark and ominous. It had been taken over by strange anomalies that were committing unspeakable horrors to the denizens of Bean Bog. Everything in the swamp seemed to be trying to repel the Pokémon and the citizens that lived in it, particularly Nokosi the local Ursaring shaman. Team Donion Kings stood amongst the mud and undergrowth defiantly. Their superiors had enlisted everyone’s help. A state of emergency had been declared by the legendaries. Otto and Zak didn’t quite understand and the way they had announced the mission made it seem like it would have been obvious once they arrived. Otto looked up at the moon, now only a sliver of light barely visible in the inky darkness, before glancing around his surroundings. So far everything seemed natural.


The pair spotted the bright yellow light of a fire and moved towards it urgently. The first part of the mission was to locate Nokosi and set up a defensive perimeter. The arrived first it seemed, the bright fire burning to shed light on the surroundings. Around the bonfire lay intricate chalk and paint markings on the ground. A strange assortment of rocks, bones, and herbs were placed in different sections around the fire. The markings covered a large expanse of territory. Nokosi lay at the center of it all, closest to the orange flames. As the pair stepped forward they were about to call out to the shaman, when they were yelled so ferociously that they froze in terror. “HALT! DO NOT DARE TOUCH THE SACRED MARKINGS!” the Ursaring bellow, even from this distance Otto could tell that his face was frantic. The bear was stressed out beyond belief it seemed.


“There is a path for those allied with me!” Nokosi added directing Zak and Otto towards him. Team Donion Kings looked at each other before doing as they were told. It looked like they were about to get briefed. It took them a few moments to find the safest way to get to the magic man but in minutes they were face to face with their client. “What is all this?” Zak asked looking down at the supplies the bear Pokémon had set before him. Instruments were neatly placed on the ground next to little pots of colorful paint, and flowers. “It is for the ritual I must perform, but never mind that. The creatures draw near.” Nokosi said dismissively before giving them their task. “If I am to successfully perform this, I must not be interrupted, nor must the seals be broken. I have taken great care to draw many protective barriers around this fire to gain time should-” Nokosi stopped for a moment staring at the pair. Zak and Otto gave a brief glance at each other, not liking the way he was looking at them.


“Right whatever, so what do you want with us? Are we gonna help with the ritual or?” Zak asked glossing over the Urasaring’s fear for them. He shook his head before continuing. “You will fend off the beasts of prophecy and garner me time to complete the ancient rites. Whatever happens we must finish the ritual or all is lost.” The Zigzagoon frowned not liking the shamans tone. Then suddenly a strange, high pitched cry sounded and the ground seemed to shake for a split second. The Ursaring’s eyes widened and he pushed the team on their way. “They have found me! I must begin the ritual!” he explained pushing the pair away and rushing to begin some strange chant in a dead language. The screams seemed to multiply as he did so. Zak and Otto turned away racing in opposite directions. With just the two of them they would have much more ground to cover until more teams arrived. “Lazy bastards!” Otto called out as he took his post at the 6 o’clock point. “Fucking incompetent shit for brains the lot of them!” Zak yelled moving into position at the 12 o’clock.


Both nobles drew their weapons taking a defensive stance and staring out into the dark fog menacingly. Then they came and with it a bizarre transformation of the landscape. As quickly as they could blink, the swamp transformed radically. Vegetation and the faces of monsters moved randomly, switching spots and ending up completely wrong. Trees were pulled out from the roots, upside down, bog monsters were fused together then appeared again dismembers and lifeless, and the incessant screeching intensified. A strange robotic sound that unnerved Zak. Untouched by the constant changing of the landscape were the faces of ghosts with no particular shape. At first Otto thought they were Gastlies but upon further inspection he realized he couldn’t really tell what they were.


On Zak’s side he couldn’t even identify a monster. Zak blinked, rubbing his eyes for a moment before staring at the floating blocks of fuzz before him. They slowly approached, floating and seemingly destroying everything in their path. The pack didn’t look like a living organism at all, and anything that they touch was corrupted and destroyed. He swallowed hard realizing there was no way in hell he could touch those bastards. He didn’t want to risk, should his body end up like the landscape. He glanced at Otto who was already staring down the nameless ghost hoard. The flames of the fire blazed with new intensity and the chanting grew louder, a lone drum sounded throughout the night. Zak swallowed snapping off one of his grenades to begin feeling out the weaknesses of these strange creatures. He had upped his current battle load in attempt to be ready for this emergency. He could see why Nokosi was so desperate to banish these monsters back into whatever hell they had come from.


Otto didn’t flinch hearing explosions go off behind him. His partner had probably already figured out what he was witnessing. The anomalies distorting anything and everything they touched. Their weapons would probably have little effect on the creepy fucks. The Sableye didn’t want to end up like the unfortunate monsters, bloodied and cut to pieces and laying on the ground dead. Unfortunately, he didn’t have much for range in his arsenal. “Back to the Shadow Balls.” He said to himself, putting Ke$ha back in his backpack before lifting both hands and channeling energy to his palms. A dark purple and black energy seemed to envelope his gloved hands and the dark spheres grew in size, materializing from nothing. He sent the attack flying, one after another. Some ghosts faltered, other were knocked back, but their numbers were large.


Noble as they were, they couldn’t keep at it for long. Zak felt practically useless with his melee and short ranged attacks. He snarled angrily forced to retreat into the protective barriers. “I’m out of explosives!” he yelled out. Otto panted floating back into the sanctuary Nokosi had created. His rhythmic chanting powerful, summoning protective powers from beyond. “I don’t remember right now if I have any more stashed!” Otto replied moving back to meet up with his partner. He was sweating, and breathing hard. The constant creating of Shadow Balls starting to take its toll on him. He was suffering from a migraine and was blinking and squinting a little too much for Zak’s comfort. “Shit.” As they exchanged information, they heard something like an electrocution of monsters and watched as the strange monsters finally reached the barriers. They could barely pass through and seemed to flail wildly as they tried to enter the sacred territory. The land closest to them seemed to warp even faster and finally the first of the barriers broke as the land the marking were drawn on were sucked out from underneath and moved elsewhere.


“What the actual fuck is that!?” Zak asked dumbstruck at what he was witnessing. Otto grimaced trying to ignore the pain throbbing inside his brain before straightening up and setting off to deal with the pests before Zak would even protest. The Zigzagoon clenched his fists desperately looking around and trying to figure out some way he could help. He then looked back at the shaman before moving over to him. Without a word he picked up a drum and imitated the Urasaring’s beat. With his help, Nokosi sped up the beat, chanting louder and louder and moving rhythmically around the fire. Zak tried not to look at his partner and instead focused on his task. He heard shrieking once more and the sound of more electrocutions. Then a strange snap as another barrier was destroyed.


Nokosi’s chanting reached a climax and suddenly the screaming became unbearable. It blocked out the drums, the chanting, and the sounds of the barriers touching the monsters. Otto finally retreated to rest in the inner sanctum with Zak. He was in terrible shape. Blood dripped form his nose and forehead, and he was sweating like crazy. Shudders racked his body, and he could barely stand. This did not affect Nokosi at all. He continued dutifully until the deafening screams finally stopped. Zak and Otto, having given up on their duties and covered their ears, slowly pulled away their hands from their heads. The shaman stood still looking up at the moon before turning to them and letting out a sigh of relief. “It is over. The demons are banished forever. I thank you for your aid.” Nokosi stated. Team Donion Kings let out a sigh of relief before Zak stood up and rummaged through his bag. He began inspecting the health of his companion. He wasn’t even sure how a ghost could bleed, unless that wasn’t his. Either way he set to clean it off while Otto caught his breath. It’d been a while since the pair had been in some serious shit.


“C’mon, I’ll treat you to some coffee for your hard work.” The normal type stated, pulling one of the ghost’s arms over his shoulder and helping him stand up. Otto opened his mouth attempting to say something smart but nothing really came out. He nodded before the pair looked at Nokosi. “It is alright. I and everyone can now rest easy. You may go in peace. Victory has been claimed.” The Ursaring explained before waving them off. Zak nodded, assuring the bear that it had been a pleasure and proceeding to help move his teammate past the destroyed swamp and into the closest Starmiebucks. 

M3X1 Pierce the Night
huehuehue finally made otto put in some work, thelazy jerk. 
sorry if its terrible im goign to bed gomen
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(Contains: strong language)

The place was pitch black. Absolutely no light shone anywhere around the outside of Haunted Halls. The rolling clouds blocked out the moon and the stars. The occasional lightning bolt was the only light they had. All that could be heard was the distant rumbling of thunder and the whistling of the wind. It was getting colder, fast. Winter was coming for the land and in preparation for the cold season all the trees had shed their leaves and al the green that ever could have existed around the abandoned mansion was dead and shriveled. Overall, it made Haunted Halls seems far more intimidating than usual. The cold wind chilled the trio to the bone. Otto shivered but it was more anticipation than anything. Haunted Halls was his best dungeon. He felt at home there, strangely enough. He didn’t recall ever living in a mansion or even a really big house in his past life. It was probably what attracted all the other ghosts here, monster or not.


Woobat fluttered about uneasy but excited that he was finally going to look into this TV rumor. “I can’t wait! I can’t wait! I can’t WAIT!” he whisper-yelled at his guardians. Otto grinned at the flying type’s enthusiasm while Zak shuddered attempting to ignore the cold. “Let’s just go in already.” He said flatly. He didn’t why he had picked this mission. He hated escort missions. Otto had probably snagged this one while he wasn’t looking. The Sableye nodded taking the lead before Zak followed and finally Woobat. He growled uneasily as they entered the building, nose wrinkling at the smell of dust and mildew. The place smelled gross to him. Was something rotting around here? The Zigzagoon didn’t dwell on it for too long. “Woobat, make sure to stay behind Otto.” He warned letting the client go in front of him before taking the rear. As they looked around the lobby to decide where to head next, Both Otto and Zak pulled out their respective weapons.


Woobat fluttered around happily looking at the grand staircase and the multitude of room that the many doors lead to. Where or where could the TV be? The place seemed rather old to Zak; he wasn’t sure he’d ever seen a TV around here.  Team Donion Kings had spent their fair share of time in Haunted Halls. Good or bad, they had explored the place quite in depth but he supposed not nearly enough. “Any ideas Otto?” Zak asked as the Sableye polished the lenses of his goggles before putting them back atop his head. “The living room of course. Or wherever the beds are.” the ghost stated in reply before beginning to take them towards their destination. “I wish I could remember if they ever mentioned a location of the TV.” Woobat said with a lamenting sigh. The client wanted to feel a tad bit more helpful but he supposed he was a client for a reason. After a moment or two he perked up once more and carefully tried not to stray too far from Team Donion Kings. The Zigzagoon’s sees never once left the back of the Woobat.


He didn’t want to endanger the poor kid. He hated escort missions. IF something happened to a precious client how would he ever be able to live with himself? It wasn’t like he could do anything about the situation but knowing that still didn’t help him feel my better about the whole situation. As he climbed creaky stairs and passed by dusty old relics, nothing seemed to show up. It was strange. Otto began to frown. He didn’t share his thoughts but Zak imagined it wasn’t anything good. Probably. Otto chewed on his lip in thought, stopping the party mid stride. His partner said nothing about it; he merely spun around Beyoncé a few times and waited patiently. He trusted Otto’s intuition. Something that the Sableye had worked for months to get. It felt good to be respected. Sometimes it was a good confidence booster when you weren’t sure of what the hell you were doing inside a dungeon. Finally even Woobat noticed the uneasy silence that had befallen the pair. “What’s wrong?” he whispered, having been told to keep quiet and only to whisper if talking was absolutely necessary. “It’s just…this place is usually more lively.” Otto explained searching every nook and dark cranny for signs of monsters. “Maybe it’s someone’s birthday party and they don’t want to deal with intruders. Just find the TV and move out.” Zak replied motioning for Otto to continue leading them. “Stay sharp.” He added simply, before following, sniffing the air for signs of monsters milling about. 


They crawled on careful of where they were stepping. Some spots in the floor were unstable and Zak was the only one that couldn’t fly or levitate. He needed somewhere firm to plant his feet on, and that was one of his greatest disadvantages when roaming Haunted Halls. Otto peaked into various rooms at they reached further up the floors. They were starting to catch glimpses of the ghosts. Faint giggling and jangling of keys from deep within the confines of the mansion, the occasional swinging chandelier. Hell, Otto even caught sight of a painting watching them. However the monsters would not attack. Usually the ghosts inhabiting the mansion loved toying with unsuspecting guests. It was practically the only entertainment they had. Whatever the case, the upper floors offered just as much of a challenge as the bottom areas. None whatsoever. The only thing they really had to worry about was Zak bumping into random furniture in the pitch black.


Finally, the darkness subsided ever so slightly with the faint flickering of white on a wall. As they made their way down a hallway, the flickering seemed to intensify. As if taking energy from the team to use for its own purpose. Otto had headed straight towards the source. They’d been checking rooms for around and hour now and had finally come across ones that were actually meant to house guests at one point in time. The Sableye lead the way carefully entering the room where the flickering was coming from. He squinted, the light a little too bright for him at that moment. Woobat soon followed and then finally Zak. All three stared intently at the TV. Zak gripped Beyoncé tightly trying to inspect every corner of the bedroom. It was simple enough to him. There wasn’t really anything there. Signs of a bed and maybe a chest and some bookshelves were visible on the dusty hardwood floors but besides that, nothing. Trash and yellow papers lay thrown about on the floor or pushed into the corners of the rooms. Cobwebs decorated the single window and right in front of it, on the floor was an old dusty TV with a wire antenna n top of it.


White static flickered on the glass screen and Woobat seemed almost hypnotized by it. He then turned anxiously to the other two, who had moved to the left and right flanks of him for protection, before asking quietly, “What time is it?” The pair glanced at each other oddly unsure for a moment. Had they come too late for the TV rumor? The question was answered with the loud tolling of a bell form a grandfather clock in front of the room. The trio looked at it staring at the hands of the clock, both pointing upwards at the 12 indicating that it was in fact midnight. Oddly enough, no one even remembered that being there. They whipped their heads back to the TV because the sound of static had suddenly stopped. They heard the sound of something like a switch flipping come from the TV and suddenly the screen changed to colors. It was nothing in particular, just a screen with bards of colors on it.


“What were the rumors again Woobat?” Zak asked arching an eyebrow fairly unimpressed at what they had witnessed so far. Otto shook his head, lightly knocking on the side of the device. “I-It’s supposed to take us to a different dimension! Maybe it’s like a portal that you have to activate? I don’t know…” the dual type explained. Otto took a step back before looking around the room trying to see if he could decipher the riddle. “Let me get this straight you mean to tell me that the TV is some kind of fucking portal?” Zak asked irritation obvious. The TV was a dead end to him. He kicked its side to see if the screen would change. Nothing happened on it. “Maybe if we wait a little bit more!” Woobat suggested at the normal type inspect the damn thing. Otto picked up a few papers to see if some kind of secret was scribbled on them while his partner put his hands on the TV.


Woobat frowned hoping this whole thing wasn’t in vain. He’d really wanted to go to that different dimension. As his guardians wandered around trying to help him find the way there, he looked back at the TV. The bat Pokémon’s eyes suddenly widened as he spotted some color leaking out of the corner of the screen. He lifted a hand curiously, moving closer to touch the rainbow ooze. His heart raced as he wiped up a bit of the mysterious liquid before a sudden grumbling resounded. The minute his index finger met the ooze, the TV’s mouth suddenly opened and chomped down on poor Woobat’s hand. He let out a scream, alerting the team he was with. His piercing shriek only seemed to excite the strange television set which moved forward trying to tug Woobat inside itself. Woobat stood dumbstruck at what he was witnessing. Zak couldn’t even believe it either. The only one not paralyzed was Otto who immediately yanked the flying type back and shoved him roughly behind him. “Gotcha bud.” He said grinning at the possessed TV. He’d been waiting the bastard out to see what tricks it would pull.


Woobat fell to the ground shaking from the adrenaline rushing through him, his entire arm drenched in paint. It looked like paint anyway but it felt slimier than what paint was. Zak moved over to the client, quickly looking over Woobat’s arm for any sign of injury. He grimaced wiping off the gunk on the floor before turning to face the TV with his partner. “Where did you plan on taking him anyway?” Otto asked laughing at the TV’s failed plan. Talking to an inanimate object unnerved the normal type but he just assumed Otto knew what he was doing. The TV shuddered moving erratically from side to side before stopping. Then, the screen went completely black.  Zak lowered his weapon eyeing the piece of shit quizzically and then turning to his partner for an explanation. Unfortunately, Otto didn’t have one.


They waited a few minutes but nothing else happened. “That was disappointing.” Otto stated, Zak and Woobat nodding in agreement. The Sableye taped the top of the TV set once more and seeing no reaction turned his back to it. “Time to head out!” he announced taking the lead once more. Zak followed boredly, muttering something about coffee. Then finally Woobat turned his back absent mindedly wiping off the colorful liquid on his pants. He began walking after Team Donion Kings. Suddenly he let out another startled yell as he fell forward. The TV was back on to full color and currently attacking his legs, trying to pull the client into itself once more. “I-IS IT TAKING ME TO THE OTHER DIMENSION NOW?!” he yelled a wild grin plastered onto his face. He as half terrified half ecstatic. The whole point of this mission was to enter that other dimension. It was unfortunate that Team Donion Kings had deemed it unsafe. Losing the client to an unknown source was not in the plans. “What are you doing? Don’t just let it take you!” Zak snapped running forward. The TV simply showed an incredible burst of speed as it wobbled off as fast as it cold out of the room with Woobat half stuck inside it. The damn thing sped past Otto and off into the darkness.


“It’s getting away?!” Zak yelled incredulously before Otto sprinted after it. The Zigzagoon followed in turn. The TV was incredibly tricky, taking all sorts of twists and turns. IT even hid from them at some point. All the while it was trying to gobble up their client. “Guys don’t worry I wanted to go anyway!” Woobat yelled, the scream seemed muffled. Team Donion Kings had been running around entering and exiting rooms at random. Otto was completely turned around. He could barely differentiate left from right. IT seemed like they were going in circles. Catching a last glimpse of the fucking TV, he shot a Shadow Ball at it, missing by a split second but frightening the damn thing. IT was enough to cause the TV to tripe over an old rug and slam into a wall. Zak and Otto cornered it, weapons held out as they readied to tea the thing apart for all the trouble it had caused. Then the TV went black again and it stopped moving. Woobat was nowhere to be found. The last attack had managed to push Woobat completely through the fucking screen. He was gone now. Otto hovered over the TV while Zak pointed Beyoncé at it. The front was solid. They looked at each other, panicked worry now drowning out any irritation they had before.


“How are we going to explain this? People don’t just get eaten by TVs!” Zak said angry he had lost the little fucker. He’d been watching him so closely too! They’d almost made it out. Otto had no response instead he smashed Ke$ha’s tip into the top of the TV smashing the glass. IT was really just an ordinary TV now. Then, Zak’s and Otto paled s the remains began trickling red. It began pooling around the broken device. Hearts raced as they came down to the only conclusion, Otto had smashed right through the TV and straight into Woobat’s tiny body. “Y-You killed him?!” Zak shouted. “IT was an accident I didn’t actually think he’d be stuff in there!” Otto replied frantically moving to inspect the bloody remains. Amid their confusion a loud cackling sounded around them cause the pair to freeze. Slowly, the cracked TV screen flickered on to life with the same obnoxiously bright colors. The laughing grew louder and eventually was intermingled with gasps for air. IT was all just too funny.


“You should’ve seen your fucking faces ahahahaha!” a voice spoke. The team turned to stare stunned at the broken electronic. On the cracked screen, the cheeky face of a one Rotom appeared. “You actually killed your client how ironic right?! RIGHT?!” he yelled before bursting into more obnoxious laughter.   The pair were too stunned. They had fallen for such a trick. “Where’s Woobat?” Otto asked interrupting Rotom. The orange Pokémon frowned for a split second before returning to its usual grin and replying. “I ate him for realsies kiddo!” At this point Zak snarled at the electric taking a step forward and putting on his most intimidating glare. “Listen to you obnoxious ass pumpkin colored piece of shit, where the fuck is our client?” the normal type asked. “Oooh I think I made him mad! Sad you’re partner killed him are you?” Rotom replied with a mad giggle. At this point Otto released a massive Shadow Ball, crushing the TV set to pieces and forcing Rotom out into the open. He recoiled from the blow, temper flaring. “Hey, watch yourself buddy! I’m just trying to add a little bit of spice to your lives!” he warned sparks crackling around him.


“I don’t need none of your shitty fall flavors in my life.” The Zigzagoon stated, smashing his head into the ghost and sending him back once more. This time it was Rotom’s turn to be stunned. He hadn’t been expecting the normal type to be able to lay a hand on him. The look of disbelief was all Zak needed. Now his opponent knew he wasn’t dealing with the average rookie teams. They were going to wipe the rotting floors with his little sparkly ass. “Release Woobat before me and my partner rip you to shreds Rotom!” Otto shouted, lifting a hand menacingly. Dark energy glowed in his palm and a malicious smile graced his features, showing off the pointed teeth he possessed. Rotom didn’t like the situation. These people didn’t seem like they could take a joke. “Alright alright sheesh! I threw the little puissant in the basement! Way to ruin it!” he whined backing away from the pair. Otto laughed weakly watching the orange figure retreat. They would, no doubt, have to face him again. He seemed like the kind of Pokémon to hold a grudge.


The Sableye put his pickaxe away before grabbing his partner. They couldn’t make Woobat wait any longer. Who knew what distress Rotom had left him in? Without giving tie for Zak to protest, Otto gripped his arm hard and phased through several floors of Haunted Halls until they reached the basement. The Zigzagoon dropped to his knees as soon as he was released and groaned. “I hate that shit you know I do!” he complained while holding his stomach. Otto ignored him, stepping away from the normal type. He didn’t have time to wait for his amnesia to subside. The ghost moved through pushing through old crates and furniture that were stored in the basement. “Woobat! Woobat we’ve come for you!” he called out trying to get the flying type to return his calls. “O-Otto?” a faint voice called out. The Sableye quickly rushed over to his client sighing in relief as he found him. Woobat lay tied up on an antique loveseat, a pair of blue and red 3D glasses stuck to his face. He was covered in an assortment of paints and dyes. The paint dripped off of him and stained the old chair.


“D-Did you make it into the new dimension too!?” Woobat asked as his companion untied him. “No it was all a prank Sorry to disappoint you.” Otto replied with an awkward smile, trying to block to Zak’s whines in the distance. Once free Woobat laughed and grinned up at his savior. “What are you kidding? That was so cool! Sure no new dimension but- you know! I had fun ahaha!” The ghost stared for a moment before letting out a laugh of his own. He cold admire the optimism that Woobat had. “Let’s get your home so you can get all this shit off of you.” Otto replied patting the Pokémon’s shoulder before turning to retrieve Zak. 

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(Contains: strong language)

Zak tingled with excitement at the mission he had picked out. As Otto finished their pre mission checks to their equipment, Zak ran round chasing his own tail trying to stave off exploding from all the energy he was generating. They hadn’t even stepped off yet and the adrenaline was already coursing through his furry little body. The Zigzagoon had been nervous about stepping out of his home but going on a mission was completely different. A mission was just him and Otto. No one would be watching them. No one would be judging them. It was relaxing. He could stay out of the spotlight for a few hours. The normal type began digging another hole in the sand. Clumps of wet sand were easily clawed out of the shore. He huffed a little as he unearthed something yet again. “Another Damp Rock…” Zak muttered kicking the damn thing back into the ocean before moving over a few feet and beginning to dig into the sand again.


“Zak let’s go! I got us a ride!” Otto called out with a grimace. Zak snickered as he padded over before quickly shaking the sand that clung to him, and then smiled at his partner who seemed a little disgruntled. That was the face of a greedy Sableye who had just been forced to give up one of his precious gemstones. “Mornin’. Name’s Zak and you’ve already met my partner, Otto.” Zak said to the Wailmer currently bobbing on the waves before them. “Good mooorning! I just love meeting mystery dungeon teams! It’s a pleasure to meet you both, my name’s Williams. I’ll be ferrying you around Sunshine Shore today.” The Wailmer was overwhelmingly large in comparison to team. They had been referred to the water type as a trustworthy and kind ferryman. The Wailmer knew the place pretty well anyway. It would save them the trouble. He watched as Otto flew atop of Willy and took his seat. The Zigzagoon crouched to prepare before sprinting and pouncing on one of the Wailmer’s flippers. As soon as his paws his the Wailmer he began kicking quickly and scurrying upwards until he found his seat next to the ghost type ready to begin their voyage.


After a few minutes the entered the dungeon and transformed. Butterflies fluttered around the little Zigzagoon’s stomach as he shifted forms before finally subsiding. He pulled a scrap of paper with instructions from their client. One-peep Squirtle, as the Pokémon had introduced himself, had written out a copy of instructions with all the clues as to how to find the treasure. There wasn’t much to go on. ‘Follow the Sunrise until you meet with the crescent moon. Ignore the Ghost Ship as you cannot enter it through normal means and head North West from there.’ The first part was rather straightforward, but then everything turned into some attempt at an enigmatic bullshit. That was probably why no one had been able to find the treasure just yet. “Obviously it means it’s a day’s worth of travel, or if we head out from the starting point One-peep Squirtle was talking about, we’ll hit something resembling the moon. A symbol hidden to everyone except for whoever is really looking.” Otto started happily as he analyzed the riddles. IF they even qualified as that.


Otto was a master at searching for treasure. His partner couldn’t quite understand why. From the snippets of memories that Otto had told the Zigzagoon about, Zak merely guessed he had been a sort of Explorer in the past as well. It explained why the Pokémon had been hiding out in a dungeon when they met. Otto had never steered him wrong before. Every kind of explanation he made up seemed to make sense, in a way. Even if it didn’t, it wasn’t like Zak could think of something better. His explanations were sometimes just as farfetched. “You think you’d make it to the Ghost Ship if we find it?” the tan explorer asked casually while looking through a telescope for any signs of crescent moons on the spits of land they passed by. No moons and definitely no crates. The Sableye shrugged before wiping off sweat from his forehead. “I wouldn’t bother with it if I could. That could be an expedition for another day.” He said before Zak put down the telescope and scowled at him. “Oh shit right, no E-word! My bad buddy.” The Sableye added quickly, smiling a bit sheepishly at his partner before watching Zak quickly go back to looking through his telescope. “I’m sensitive you asshat…” he muttered, the quiet words barely audible over the sounds of waves and the cries of Wingull, but he heard them all the same.


Quiet fell the pair. Even the chatty Williams, was silent as he focused on moving the explorers through the sea. The hours ticked by and eventually the sun began setting. Streaks of pink and purple colored the orange sky, but nature’s beauty was not appreciated. Zak snarled at the Sun as it progressively got darker. “We’ve been at it for ages and still no fucking Ghost Ship!” he yelled, whacking with a stick at something that gurgled aggressively at them as they sailed by. When he retracted the slimy stick he discarded it before sounding off with, “Nine sticks left.” Otto took a mental note of their supplies before nodding in approval. Williams yelled something they barely made out afterwards. The Wailmer searched for that spit of land. He was nervous now. Something about beasties and the night? “Get ready Zak. We have to protect Williams when night falls.” Otto blurted out, nervously twirling his pickaxe as the stars began poking out of the darkness, one by one. The hair on Zak’s neck sprang up. He didn’t like Otto’s tone, or being stuck in the middle of the ocean at night. Sure Otto could fly, but for how long could he do that AND carry his partner? They were pretty weighed down with precious supplies.


Just like the stars, dots of red began appearing in the dark depths. The moon only offered temporary light as clouds lazily rolled by. More and more right red dots seemed to appear as they continued, Williams desperately trying to sail them to a safer location while following his instructions. “We’ve run into a pod boys!” the Wailmer screamed, bracing himself as the ship rocked roughly to one side, knocking Team Donion Kings off their feet. Zak was the first to stand, sprinting over to the source of the ship. “A pod?!” was all he could echo as he extended Beyoncé to her full length. “Tentacruel Starboard!” Williams continued while Otto translated for his partner. “To the right!” the ghost groaned pulling himself out of cargo barrel. The Zigzagoon spotted a mutated tentacle writhing its way over the railing and he quickly stabbed the nuisance with his staff. This elicited a warped shriek from one very unhappy Tentacruel. The tentacle pulled back and suddenly there was calm. Zak peered over the edge only to go pale at the sight of the massive cluster or red eyed and tentacles. The pod had retreated before suddenly launching its counterattack. More shrieks were here and a mass of tentacles latched onto the right side of the ship.


The ship began slowing down. “Any sign of that fucking crescent?! OR LAND?” Otto yelled roughly stabbing “Up ahead, just get these beasts off my ship!” Williams cried out kicking a stray tentacle that was wriggling towards him. Otto angrily began his work, unhooking the slimy appendages from the railing by forcing Ke$ha through them and yanking them off. The indignant cries of the sea monsters filled the sky and blood stained the deck. But the Tentacruel just came coming. It was like fighting a Hydra. Wherever Zak and Otto pulled something off, three more limbs appeared. The crunching of wood rang out as the Tentacruel bear hugged the ship. “They’re going to sink us!” Otto yelled in sudden panic. If they touched the water they were sitting ducks. They’d be torn apart by the bloodthirsty pod. “Fuck these shitheads. We’re getting the hell out of here. Williams, kick it into high gear when you hear the signal!” Zak ordered, shrinking Beyoncé, and putting her away. “Wh-What’s the signal?!” the Wailmer called out as the Zigzagoon ran over to look at the ugly heads of their opponents. He glared at the fuckers, activating his Charm, and taking a huge whiff of them. His Odor Sleuth helped him lock on to the disgusting scent of salt and poison that the Tentacruel oozed. “Cover me!” the normal type yelled at his partner who was busy trying to put space between the leaking ship and the Tentacruel with a barrage of Shadow Balls. The Sabelye looked over for a moment as Zak popped off a sparkler grenade from one of his belts and pulled out the pin. He held it close for a moment before chucking the damn thing a ways away from the ship. The bomb exploded in a wonderful spectacle of colorful sparks. The firework revealed multiple ugly blue lumps that Zak identified as the heads of the monsters they were fighting.


The sparkler drew the attention of the mob, and the hungry monsters who swarmed the bright lights as they faced. The few tentacles that were still attached to the ship were cut off by Otto and Ke$ha. The ship sailed towards the spit of land they had spotted before and Williams threw over the anchor before all three quickly evacuated the ship. At that moment it would’ve been better to stay on land while the pod was still out in the sea trying to find its next meal. They all had a huge sigh of relief as they lay on the sand. After a few minutes the moonlight shined down on them revealing many things they had missed. Around the little island, lay strewn about the debris of sunken ships. Masts, sails, rope among a multitude of other things lay in the sand. As they took a closer look they all lay eyes on a huge graveyard of ships that created a sort of deadly and terrifying barrier around the island. How Williams had managed to get them through was a mystery. The happy Wailmer was more than he appeared. “I’ll have a look at the ship. In the meantime why don’t you too figure out if you’re close to completing your mission?” Williams stated, not saying much else to the pair as they tried desperately to pick up their jaws from the sand.


The ship was still floating but they would probably be waiting a while for the pod to disappear. It wouldn’t be until morning that they would return. Otto grimaced staring closely at the sunken ships nearest to the shore before glancing around curiously. Zak was busy laying on the ground shoving a Pecha berry in his mouth to calm his nerves. The Sableye frowned floating higher up, ready to go inspect one of the larger ships. He was surprised to see the majestic remains of a real pirate ship stuck in the sand of such a tiny island. He vaguely wondered if he would see the spirits of the crew wandering about. As he floated higher, and higher to get a better view of their surroundings he paused. Above him, the moon glowed with silver light and stars glittered the inky unknown. Bellow him, reflecting the moon above, was the ocean. There he saw the glowing red eyes of the pod of Tentacruel they had just faced but even more surprising was the view of the island. It was in the shape of a crescent moon. The ship was anchored in the opening of the moon island, and the ship littered about at the edges. The ferryman had miraculously navigated through to safety. He’d found it! This had to be it! Where else would they ever find a crescent moon shaped island?! Who even came up with that kind of shit?


He returned to Zak excited of his findings which in turn infected the normal type. This had to be some sort of breakthrough to the old seaman’s riddles. Without a second thought they informed Williams of where they were going and ran off North West. It wasn’t long before they passed an array of palm trees and jungle like underbrush. Darkness engulfed them once more and Zak began complaining. “Where the shit are the crates?!” he whined as he was smacked by another fucking branch. The Sableye sighed tired of searching as well. “I mean obviously no one has been able to get here right? Look at the amount of fucking ships that crash landed here thanks to a family of carnivorous Tentacruel.” He added, snapping a vine angrily before tripping on something. An empty thunk was heard as he hit the sandy ground. The sound struck him as odd and he looked up at Otto for confirmation. With a quick nod, Otto dropped to the ground and listened intently to the empty thunk again.


Then the pair set to work scrambling to kick off the sand and weeds that were growing on top of whatever they were standing on. It was slow work but after a few minutes Otto found a handle and laughed victoriously. Zak grinned eagerly, getting up and allowing the ghost type the honors. Otto pulled at the old iron handle which in turn pulled up a wooden trap door. Rocks and sand fell off as he opened the secret door. The dual type stepped forward down the steps with Zak following closely behind. Zak pulled out a pair of wooden sticks and sat down. After a few minutes of work and rubbing together the dry branches a small fire was born. Now they had torched. “Seven sticks left.” He noted again before they continued down. The stairs winded bellow the earth for a long time and Zak swore his ears popped at one point. Finally they reached the bottom of the trap door. The flames revealed shapes hidden under cloth covers. Zak did his best to keep from rushing over and ripping them off. Otto handed over his torch and did the honors.


As he pulled off the dusty rags he was delighted to see the mysterious crates One-peep Squirtle had mentioned. Without another word he took out Ke$ha and smashed a crate with ease. Out came pouring the treasure! And what a wonderful treasure it was! Ah yes, beautiful, beautiful antiquities! “PORN MAGS FROM FUCKING SIXTY YEARS AGO?!” Zak screeches madly from his spot. His cry echoing around them. Otto turned to him and sighed. OF course he couldn’t appreciate the delicate beauties hidden in between the pages. He flipped through a couple nodding in approval at what he saw while the Zigzagoon stormed off. “IM HADING BACK TO THE FUCKING SHIP, GRAB THE PORN AND GO I WANT TO GO HOME NOW!” the normal type hollered like a petulant child, leaving his partner to pick up after him. They would have to transport all of these eventually. But that seemed like a problem for later. For now, Otto took a seat and began looking through the old man’s treasure.


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