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M4E3 Tumblin' by Kimmy-x3
M4E3 Tumblin'

This took me like 3 days fuck the title im done

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The sun was set at high noon, and its rays shined down on Frisky Frontier. The heat baked all living things on its orange-red sands. Occasionally, a few tumbleweeds rolled by prompted by a breeze neither explorer could feel. They’d been wandering the desert since early in the morning in hopes of completing the mission before the Sun got too intense. Zak lay down quietly behind a rock in the little shade it offered, while Otto floated around trying to spot the origin of the tumbleweeds they had been following. At first the plan had been to follow the dried brambles to see if they would return to their source but it had just led them in circles.

Otto was having a hard time formulating an answer for the client. Zak had delegated to him the responsibility since, well, Otto was better at articulating actual bullshit. Whatever reason they came up with, it would sound pretty good if it came from the centuries old ghost. Still searching for an answer, Otto surveyed the direction the tumbleweeds were coming from for ideas. His partner taking a quick nap in the meantime. The Sableye let the tumbleweeds blow by before looking over to check on his partner’s surroundings. Nothing really dangerous had wandered towards them yet. Considering the only person that could possibly yell at him for anything was asleep, he decided to take a quick break. 

Years back, he’d aspired to be rich enough to buy out his in laws and his plans for succeeding had never been quite ethical. All his plans of stealing enough wealth to settle down and help his friends achieve their own dreams had gone down the drain. Otto hummed to himself trying to remember the details. He had never been very selfless. That he could definitely recall. He’d become a rather cynical Pokémon in his day which had probably enabled him to become an infamous bandit. Was he infamous? He knew he had managed to steal a lot of cash. His death, however, had not been a shot to the heart or a slow death in prison. It had been something incredibly dramatic and huge. He had an inkling there was fire or perhaps an explosion? He’d been crying when he died but not out of fear for himself but for hi loved ones. His demise had been quick and violent.

His plans for the future dashed in an instant. These were only feelings really. The actual events were still a little foggy and the supposed explosion was only speculation. Afterwards he didn’t really remember much except wandering in the darkness for what seemed like an eternity and the unnatural hunger that always weighed him down. “I know more about being a Gabite than being a Sableye…” he mused quietly. He was pretty sure he had once been a Gabite. It was just the feeling he got when he thought about the species. The fact also added to his feelings of repugnance for his current form. He so desperately wanted to be alive again. Anything to stop craving the precious jewels he hoarded in his collection back at Clear Waters. There were so few left nowadays…

A sudden snort from Zak snapped him out of his thoughts. He perked up looking over to see if the Zigzagoon was awake. Zak squirmed a little before going still again. Otto quietly wondered what Zak wanted to achieve. He was already a noble… Wasn’t that the end of the line? Otto himself was a noble by technicality. It wasn’t like he’d known they would be public servants when he joined, not that he minded terribly nowadays. All he wanted was more presents and to tease the normal type. Back when they’d met, Zak wouldn’t lay a finger on him without Foresight. Those were the days. But now, they laid hands on each other daily. Though their fighting wasn’t terrible. The ghost paused reflecting for a moment how much Zak had taken over his life without meaning to. Aside from when he went off to party in the VIP room at Copa Cabana, he was usually hanging around with the angry little fucker. He had brought him to a better place without meaning to. The Zigzagoon let out a snore to which the ghost laughed at quietly. ‘Well...I guess there’s no harm in helping you out.’ He thought as he finally thought of an answer for the Weedle. It wasn’t like he had anything better to do with his time.

“Tumbleweeds, my good man, are little bushes that died and now roll around the desert. Particularly a bushy canyon we discovered deep within the dungeon. We got lost after a while so who knows how to get back but there you have it!” It was stupid, but the Greenhorn Weedle seemed pretty excited. 

M4E1: Slain by Kimmy-x3
M4E1: Slain

i want to cry :iconlazybloodplz: 

= = = = = === = = = = == = = = = = = = = = == = = = = = = = = = = = = 

He felt he was getting a little…soft. With all the things happening around him he felt like being emotional was starting to dull his edge. For whatever reason a sense of foreboding had crept along into his life and with it, minor bouts of anxiety and paranoia. He needed it bad. He needed a mission. He needed to once again take up the very dangerous task of dungeon crawling. Zak vaguely considered going off on his own into unknown territory but the memories of Mewdorado still haunted him, making him completely forget the idea. Though soon enough, new dungeons were announced for exploration. He had jumped to the chance as soon as Otto had brought him the news. It was an easy enough task. Go in, find a Salamance, and bring the heavy bastard back out. “Otto,” the Zigzagoon began as his partner helped him dress himself. “I want you to stay here at the entrance and wait for me to come back.” Zak stated. Otto frowned offended at the suggestion.


The pair bickered about it for a few minutes before the Sableye finally gave up. “Alright, ALRIGHT meat bag! You can go train by yourself. I don’t see how it’s a good thing though I need bulking up too.” Otto stated handing Beyoncé to his partner. Zak rolled his eyes at the ghost “I’m just scouting the territory. We can come back and hunt some dragons together LATER.” The normal type explained before venturing down into the darkness by himself. It seemed like hours since Zak’s disappearance deep into the dungeon but finally the idiot returned tired and filthy. Otto, who had been keeping their client company inside one of the Fay Clan’s tents, rushed right out hearing of his partner’s return. He fell silent for a moment wondering how badly wounded Zak was, as he couldn’t tell whether the blood covering his body was an opponent’s or his own. Lady Glameow soon followed the crowd, ready to see if the noble had actually retrieved the item she required for her wonderful ensemble. Before a great, bloodied beast knelt a Zigzagoon ready to receive his reward. “Your grace, I have retrieved the beast. I trust these will be enough.” The explorer stated.


Otto snickered at the words, the Zigzagoon’s tone betraying him. “Now, now no need to be facetious.” Zak stood to his full height, towering above Lady Glameow, something she obviously disliked as the woman adjusted her blouse aimlessly. “A little bit of water and the scales should be more to your liking.” He added looking down at the Glameow, a tiny smirk appearing at the client’s eyes drifted boredly from the dragon and then back to him.  



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so i barely have any signal on my phone and i have to pay for some wifi.

so its gonna be rough for this week until i figure out what im doing. but yeah.

ait is great = u =

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