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Zak watched idly as his partner paced about their home. Darkness prevailed and heavy snow coated Blue Town, ushering in a suffocating silence that seemed to absorb all of the residents. Talks with Waldo had not gone according to plan, or even happened at all. Zak had barely gotten the chance to utter a word before being thrown out to avoid certain death. The thought frustrated him to no end. The crying of the Shanty’s tenants were unending and relationships between nobles and rookies were worsening. Blue Town was a place where most teams started out. After that experienced teams moved on to greener pastures.

 Static crackled along his back so strongly that Otto stopped to turn to stare. The ghost waited before clearing his throat and calling to the normal type. “Zak, you need to relax. Maybe we should go let out our frustrations with some exercise?” Otto suggested now frowning in concern. Zak merely let out a long and loud sign before turning over in his bed. “Don’t patronize me you sadistic fuck.” He replied weakly. The ghost froze for a moment wondering if he had upset his partner before Zak barked at him something casual to dismiss such a thought. The Zigzagoon swallowed hard, before circling his bed a few times and sitting down. He wasn’t in the mood to sleep.

 He looked back at Otto whose worries seemed to have tripled. “Do you think we should have done something more?” he asked. The Sableye floated over taking a seat on at his own, unused bed. “I think it’s rather terrible to be on the street Zak…” he began softly. He didn’t know why but the thought of not having a home put him in so much distress. It was only intensified by the panic he felt from not remembering why being homeless was so distressing. Perhaps it as backlash from being alone for so long and then having an inseparable companion. Whatever the case, he didn’t like it at all and for so many Pokémon to be feeling the same feelings as he- well- it was upsetting! “I’m not saying lets adopt like 5 rookies into our home or anything but we could try something. We’re one of the strongest teams here. Surely we could persuade Waldo into a compromise?” he continued, his speech coming out quickly without the usual confidence he exuded.

“At least, that’s what I thought. But I mean, having them move to Clear Water is good enough! They're not ALL dead.” Otto added before going quiet again. Zak watched his partner, who awkwardly tried to straighten out the bed he didn’t use. Zak’s tail twitched as he waited for Otto to say something else. Minutes ticked by in silence while outside the snow continued to pile onto the ground. Finally he caved. “Alright already you needed prick. I’ll try to talk to Gamma on the subject. In the meantime I SUPOSE we could volunteer a little bit of our time to help Lilligant out.” He stated only to be promptly grabbed and dragged through the many floors of Clear Waters in a desperate attempt to find the land lady.

 It wasn’t hard at all. Otto explained the situation to the sour faced grass type before she agreed and delegated them chores. Most of the refugees were already situated so there wasn’t much to accomplish. Otto floated by attempting to cheer up the young ones by telling them stories of his misadventures and the occasional joke. It wasn’t much but even that made him feel better about the whole homelessness ordeal. Zak on the other had avoided most of the new tenants, instead seeking sanctuary in the kitchen where he lazily prepped some light refreshments for the shell shocked victims of Waldo’s Takeover. It as the right thing to do, but it felt more like a responsibility which Zak was not big on. He didn’t like it at all. Just because he was experienced didn’t mean he was a babysitter. Maybe he was just callous but he couldn’t rationalize a reason that would make him feel great about helping Lilligant like Otto. After a while, he slipped back to his room to sleep. He didn’t plan on leaving the building the next morning. 

E2O2: Ineffective
710 words 

hnnn i did a thing ughh its really cold right now qxq 
M4E3 Tumblin' by Kimmy-x3
M4E3 Tumblin'

This took me like 3 days fuck the title im done

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The sun was set at high noon, and its rays shined down on Frisky Frontier. The heat baked all living things on its orange-red sands. Occasionally, a few tumbleweeds rolled by prompted by a breeze neither explorer could feel. They’d been wandering the desert since early in the morning in hopes of completing the mission before the Sun got too intense. Zak lay down quietly behind a rock in the little shade it offered, while Otto floated around trying to spot the origin of the tumbleweeds they had been following. At first the plan had been to follow the dried brambles to see if they would return to their source but it had just led them in circles.

Otto was having a hard time formulating an answer for the client. Zak had delegated to him the responsibility since, well, Otto was better at articulating actual bullshit. Whatever reason they came up with, it would sound pretty good if it came from the centuries old ghost. Still searching for an answer, Otto surveyed the direction the tumbleweeds were coming from for ideas. His partner taking a quick nap in the meantime. The Sableye let the tumbleweeds blow by before looking over to check on his partner’s surroundings. Nothing really dangerous had wandered towards them yet. Considering the only person that could possibly yell at him for anything was asleep, he decided to take a quick break. 

Years back, he’d aspired to be rich enough to buy out his in laws and his plans for succeeding had never been quite ethical. All his plans of stealing enough wealth to settle down and help his friends achieve their own dreams had gone down the drain. Otto hummed to himself trying to remember the details. He had never been very selfless. That he could definitely recall. He’d become a rather cynical Pokémon in his day which had probably enabled him to become an infamous bandit. Was he infamous? He knew he had managed to steal a lot of cash. His death, however, had not been a shot to the heart or a slow death in prison. It had been something incredibly dramatic and huge. He had an inkling there was fire or perhaps an explosion? He’d been crying when he died but not out of fear for himself but for hi loved ones. His demise had been quick and violent.

His plans for the future dashed in an instant. These were only feelings really. The actual events were still a little foggy and the supposed explosion was only speculation. Afterwards he didn’t really remember much except wandering in the darkness for what seemed like an eternity and the unnatural hunger that always weighed him down. “I know more about being a Gabite than being a Sableye…” he mused quietly. He was pretty sure he had once been a Gabite. It was just the feeling he got when he thought about the species. The fact also added to his feelings of repugnance for his current form. He so desperately wanted to be alive again. Anything to stop craving the precious jewels he hoarded in his collection back at Clear Waters. There were so few left nowadays…

A sudden snort from Zak snapped him out of his thoughts. He perked up looking over to see if the Zigzagoon was awake. Zak squirmed a little before going still again. Otto quietly wondered what Zak wanted to achieve. He was already a noble… Wasn’t that the end of the line? Otto himself was a noble by technicality. It wasn’t like he’d known they would be public servants when he joined, not that he minded terribly nowadays. All he wanted was more presents and to tease the normal type. Back when they’d met, Zak wouldn’t lay a finger on him without Foresight. Those were the days. But now, they laid hands on each other daily. Though their fighting wasn’t terrible. The ghost paused reflecting for a moment how much Zak had taken over his life without meaning to. Aside from when he went off to party in the VIP room at Copa Cabana, he was usually hanging around with the angry little fucker. He had brought him to a better place without meaning to. The Zigzagoon let out a snore to which the ghost laughed at quietly. ‘Well...I guess there’s no harm in helping you out.’ He thought as he finally thought of an answer for the Weedle. It wasn’t like he had anything better to do with his time.

“Tumbleweeds, my good man, are little bushes that died and now roll around the desert. Particularly a bushy canyon we discovered deep within the dungeon. We got lost after a while so who knows how to get back but there you have it!” It was stupid, but the Greenhorn Weedle seemed pretty excited. 



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so its gonna be rough for this week until i figure out what im doing. but yeah.

ait is great = u =

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